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Dean and Zandra are consummate professionals who expect the very best from themselves and those they work with. They are not afraid to think outside the box and they are always looking for new opportunities and new and better ways to do things. They are not afraid of a challenge and their hard work and dedication have made all of their business endeavors very successful.

If you are looking for a great home renovation, Dean and Zandra Jones and Born Again Renovations is the choice for you!


Dean and Zandra are the epitome of professionals. They have created thriving businesses, and expect nothing but the best. They are dedicated to every thing that they do and invest the time and promote nothing but excellence. I am certain that if you choose them for your home renovation they will throw themselves into your home and make wonderful things happen!


I have been blessed enough to work for and with Zandra and Dean for years now. They are, hands down, the best! Their commitment to their clients and employee’s is above all else. These two individuals work hard and are not afraid of a challenge. I have the utmost respect for them and you will not go wrong choosing Born Again Renovations!


“Outstanding service and attention to detail” I would recommend Born Again Renovations to my family and friends, you won’t be disappointed


The best way to describe Born Again Renovations is TEAM WORK. It is difficult to find the quality of team work that this company exemplifies. Dean and Zandra holds the bar of quality workmanship high through team work of the companies that they own. It’s the core values of Dean and Zandra that will continue to make this company successful.


Zandra and Dean are a great team to be involved with. They have grown many businesses and treat their employee’s like family. In fact they are one big happy family. If you need business or personal matter’s handled they are the power couple to do it with class and integrity.


Dean and Zandra Jones are professionals that have been instrumental in creating and developing new business opportunities in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. They are energetic and driven and refuse to accept defeat in any challenges they face. They live the word success in each situation presented to them. In any of your business or personal needs, reach out to Dean and Zandra Jones, if they do not have the answer, they will find one for you.


As an individual who is cautious of who to trust to have certain jobs and services done,I must certainly say that I am really impressed by the professionalism that both Dean and Zandra have displayed. I myself would recommend them for any who are interested in both home renovation or any kind of work regarding the sort. The communication was honest and straight forward without the feel of being forced or pressured and the amount of patience and skill they used to explain their work,talents,and plans were absolutely extravagant. Most importantly,they made it fell as they could completely relate to me and in doing so, they made me feel that they could understand both my preferences and mindset. Being able to relate and gain a full understanding of the client is what truly differentiates them from other companies that only focus on gaining a profit with minimum effort and attention instead of gaining the trust and loyalty of a client and placing complete attention,detail,and commitment into them and their work.

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