A Quick Guide In Renovating Your Kid’s Room

Posted by Zandra // June 24, 2020

Children’s interior spaces and the look of the whole room should reflect their personal preferences and need for comfort, fun and organization. One of the most important aspects to consider is flexibility.  For example, if you are creating a nursery for your newborn, it’s wise to plan the whole room by having the crib and […]

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How to Achieve Your Perfect Outdoor Remodel

Posted by Zandra // June 17, 2020

Summertime is here! It’s hot, Father’s day is this weekend, and the grill is calling! But if you’re like me, you always put your outdoor remodels on the back burner until you get the inside of your home renovated. However, with these helpful tips, you can finally start that long-awaited outdoor remodel process and achieve […]

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How to Spice Up Your Bathroom

Posted by Zandra // June 9, 2020

We all know the little bathroom accessories you can add to your powder room like plush rugs, fancy soap dispensers, or cute shower curtains. But what if you could spice up your bathroom with a remodel and forget about the extra decor? We have some quick tips on how to spice up your bathroom with […]

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4 Tips For Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Zandra // June 3, 2020

You finally took the plunge and decided to remodel your bathroom. Way to go! A growing 58% of Americans are planning a remodel on their homes according to The Week. Due to this growing demand, we are here to help with some tangible tips for planning your remodel. Over the years of remodeling, we have […]

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Do’s and Dont’s in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling

Posted by Zandra // May 27, 2020

DO: Factor installation hours into your budget Installation for kitchen essentials such as cabinets or flooring can easily cost more than 50 percent of the project’s cost. Set your budget accordingly. DO: Spend money on quality cabinets This is one of the most common kitchens remodel mistakes. Don’t confuse cabinet price with performance and put […]

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Kitchen Cabinets: Where To Start & How To Choose

Posted by Zandra // May 20, 2020

Cabinets are like the backbone of your kitchen. Choosing kitchen cabinets is probably the biggest, if not, the most nerve-wracking decision you’ll make for your kitchen. It’s easy to understand since the cabinets have a big impact on your budget as well as how your kitchen looks. They’re one of the first things you see […]

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5 Ways To Update Your Kitchen On A Dime

Posted by Zandra // May 13, 2020

Whether you are planning to invest your own sweat equity in a complete kitchen remodel or simply hope to make a few quick and easy changes over the weekend, it’s important to choose projects that will make a big impact for the lowest price possible. Check out these 5 great ideas to help you plan […]

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Project Quarantine: 5 Easy Home Projects To Do During Lockdown

Posted by Zandra // May 10, 2020

From restyling your bookshelves to prepping your plants here are 5 easy projects you can do while social distancing at home. Rearrange things for a fresh perspective Renovating your entire living room or splurging on a new bedroom set likely isn’t in the cards at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some […]

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Posted by Dean Jones // February 18, 2020

Hоmе rеmоdеlіng саn ѕоmеtіmеѕ bе оvеrwhеlmіng and ѕtrеѕѕful but іt doesn’t hаvе tо bе іf уоu hаvе the rіght tооlѕ. Hоmе rеmоdеlіng ѕоftwаrе іѕ a рrоgrаm сrеаtеd tо hеlр one wіth rеmоdеlіng оnе’ѕ house efficiently. Whether уоu аrе buіldіng a custom home, a mоbіlе hоmе, аn аttасhеd home аddіtіоn, оr rеmоdеlіng your kіtсhеn, іt іѕ […]

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Posted by Dean Jones // February 17, 2020

Mаnу реорlе buу a hоuѕе that іѕ ѕеvеrаl years оld bесаuѕе thеу like іtѕ lосаtіоn, or іtѕ gеnеrаl design. Thеrе іѕ no nееd tо tеаr dоwn a реrfесtlу good hоuѕе аnd build a nеw one on thе ѕаmе spot, when a home rеmоdеlіng firm can mаkе аnу hоmе lооk and feel new again. A home […]

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