Keeping Your Projects and Our Business Safe

Keeping Your Projects and Our Business Safe

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The construction industry is currently facing a lot of changes that restrict the ways business is done efficiently. In many areas with shelter in place orders, construction is still considered an essential business, often with the caveat that they maintain social distancing guidelines and/or have a maximum staffing size.

As a growing company in this industry, we’re sharing with you our own way of protecting and still satisfy you and our business during this pandemic.

Born Again Renovations is taking extra care for our homeowners and our team during this pandemic.

We are offering alternatives to in-person meetings.

Social distancing is one of the ways to keep ourselves safe from the virus. And with this, technology is mostly the only thing we can rely on with regards to communication. We highly encourage our clients to use the phone, email, or direct message to connect with homeowners. Facetime, Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, and Whatsapp are some of the tools that we use to communicate with our clients and it is an excellent way to share visual information such as photos, blueprints, floorplans, dimensions, etc.

We Are Dedicated to Quality Service and we are taking specific steps you are taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • Using quick-acting hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants instead of standard alcohol-based disinfectants, based on CDC guidelines.
  • Wearing gloves, shoe covers, and or we can remove shoes when entering your home. 
  • We will be disinfecting high-touch areas before and after servicing someone‚Äôs home, including light switches, doorknobs, and more. We are using disinfectant instructions from the CDC website.

We Make Connections.

During periods of uncertainty, we understand that homeowners may make adjustments, but we continue to see demand for service professionals.

  • We are offering deals and exclusive offers if you are able to commit to starting the project now.
  • We can perform any job you have that will help limit the number of service professional visits required by a homeowner.

We Are Here to Provide Exceptional Support. 

This is a rapidly evolving situation, and like you, we are monitoring it daily. 

Finally, for your peace of mind, anyone from our team if they are exposed to the virus, we are respectfully discontinuing in-person interaction with homeowners for the period recommended by the CDC. (We have not had anyone, we are taking every precaution to avoid this)

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