How to Achieve Your Perfect Outdoor Remodel

How to Achieve Your Perfect Outdoor Remodel

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Summertime is here! It’s hot, Father’s day is this weekend, and the grill is calling! But if you’re like me, you always put your outdoor remodels on the back burner until you get the inside of your home renovated. However, with these helpful tips, you can finally start that long-awaited outdoor remodel process and achieve that perfect outdoor oasis!

Secluded or Open

This might be the most important part of an outdoor remodel because you have to think about the privacy of your backyard. Do you have a fence? Would you want a barrier around the deck you’re installing? Here is an awesome outdoor barrier to maintain privacy while also looking modern and chic. But if you don’t have as many neighbors and you want to enjoy that killer view outside, then take a look at these more open spaces. These are significant questions you must think of in order to have the new patio or outdoor space you desire for your home! Secluded or open!

Think Activities

Another super important piece of your outdoor remodel is the activities you use your backyard for. Do you have a pool? Will you be optimizing your yard space? Is the deck and furniture the top priority? You have to consider if you will be lounging, swimming, playing, or doing any other fun outdoor activities in your outdoor space. If you’re adding an outdoor kitchen, obviously, eating will be the focused activity, which we all love! Think about how you would want to place it near your home. Here’s some cool ideas. Get ready for the best steak and brick oven pizza of your life. If you ask yourself what you will be doing in this space, then you can determine the focus of your remodel. Remember it’s all about YOU. Call the neighbors and let’s get this backyard party started.

Let the Light In

This part goes along with the privacy and spacing of your remodel. If you want more light and openness, enlarge the space and use more open designs if you decide to add a nice roof extension. This is a great little sun block, but it also lets some light into the area. Same with this one. If the sun is too intense where your backyard is located, just add some more coverage. Use unique materials like this and get the best looking outdoor space in the neighborhood. At night, you might love to turn those twinkle lights on or add some cool lanterns. Think about the vibes you want out there and get out your Tiki Torches. Here’s some ideas. 

Weather Gauge

Okay I lied. This might be the most important part of an outdoor remodel. Where are you located? Does it rain a lot? Is it windy? Make sure and get those waterproof cushions with ties or maybe a nice outdoor container to hold all of your outdoor accessories. Also if you are located somewhere that drops into the lower temperatures in the winter, consider an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Make it cozy! Add some nice lights (weatherproof of course). However, if you are located somewhere like Texas, you need to make sure you account for that summer heat. If you don’t have space for a pool, think about misters or extra shade from a roof extension, screen porch, those nice sun shades or even a fun umbrella. Even if it gets hot, you might want to add that fireplace look to step up the look of your outdoor patio. Here’s some great ideas for hot or cold climates. This is important because you want to spend time outside, but you don’t want the elements ruining your relaxing space. 

These are some important components of a unique and smart outdoor renovation. You have to think about what you want out of your outdoor space, the privacy of your backyard, the activities you want to do, and the weather where you are located. Good thing Born Again Renovations is having a discount on all Outdoor Renovations. This week you can get 10% OFF YOUR TOTAL COST OF ANY OUTDOOR RENOVATION BIG OR SMALL. And it’s just in time for summer! Book a free walkthrough today and call 281-819-6516!

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