How to Spice Up Your Bathroom

How to Spice Up Your Bathroom

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We all know the little bathroom accessories you can add to your powder room like plush rugs, fancy soap dispensers, or cute shower curtains. But what if you could spice up your bathroom with a remodel and forget about the extra decor? We have some quick tips on how to spice up your bathroom with a remodel and wow all of your guests that come over for those happy hours and book clubs! So sit back, relax, and let’s spice things up.

Add Unique Flooring

Crazy and fun floor tiles are all the rage right now. Checkered black and white, rainbow or a clean white tile with a uniform design on each tile can really make a difference in your bathroom. It can expand the look and size and also adds some personality. You could even change up the shape of your tile to get away from the same old squares.  Also try mixed material like pebble stone tile or even some wood planks. This will create some variety in your bathroom and maybe even hide some of that grime you haven’t had time to clean! Either way, a nice unique floor can really take a bathroom to the next level. Check some out here

Get Out that Old Wallpaper

Or buy some cool new designs! Wallpaper is back and better than ever. So many homes are pasting some funky wallpaper to add color and variety in their bathrooms. This also means you don’t have to worry about the hassle of painting! Just stick and go. Whatever mood you want, wallpaper can help you get there. Want a nice relaxing vibe, how about some nice pastels or softer tones? Want to feel some of that forest energy? Try some floral or botanical prints. These are some great ones. Whatever you decide, be bold! It is your bathroom after all.

Add a Window

While it may sound risky, this is one of the best ways you can spice up a bathroom. Have the remodelers install a window to let natural light inside. You could even put a screen on it for extra ventilation. However, if you are going for a more modest look, try some stained glass or leaded-glass panels to obscure the view but let the light in. This can instantly make your bathroom more open and relaxing. Here are some ideas. And don’t forget blinds or shutters!

Change Up the Sink

Or any of the appliances! Make your toilet extra fancy with a golden seat or just add one of those fuzzy covers. Your bathtub could use a spruce too. Maybe add a tub surround to finish the look or galvanize your claw foot. But one of the coolest and easiest ways to spice it up is adding a unique sink. You’ve seen those cool restaurants with the copper sinks or the faucets that show the water running through the pipes. Well, you could have it in your home too! Get the rustic farmhouse look with shallow metal buckets or go super natural and install a wooden sink. If you want something more extravagant, tile your sink or look for some floral basins. If you want it simple, just install a countertop sink, just don’t forget to lift your hands up before you wash them! Get ideas here.

These are some unique ideas to spice up your bathroom, and your bathroom design manager can help find you the best design for your style! Make it unique, make it yours, make it spicy! Remember that it’s not all about impressing the guests, but that this bathroom is part of your home. Create a space for you. Choose the best renovation company to do it! Born Again Renovations weekly special is the first two clients who schedule a renovation get 10% off total cost. CALL NOW. (281) 819-6516 and use the code BARPROMO

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